Press Play AND Like or Comment to Confirm

Please press the play button AND the Like or comment button to let me know you pressed play. I’m working on a test or the RSS Graffiti player to see if each play via this player is being counted in my statistics. I’ll let you know the results. Thanks!

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RSS Graffiti Test Post for Video

This is a test to see if video will post to a facebook fan page using RSS Graffiti and if so how it will look. Will it be in the form of an image or will it include a video player.

YouTube embedded player

Videos in various formats inserted into post/feed to test which, if any, come up automatically in a facebook video player

m4v version of a video

mp4 version of a video

flv (flash) version of a video

Thumbnail image placed via URL link and linked to video via URL




Link to audio just to test audio player for facebook

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Podcast Quick Tips – Submitting Your Podcast to iTunes

On this episode I teach you how to submit your podcast to the itunes store.

You’ll learn why it’s a good idea to submit your show as early as possible, even before you have published your first episode.
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The Podcasters Studio Episode 39 – Audio Editing

The site you are seeing in this tutorial is only for the purposes of creating tutorials. Visit to view the complete podcast archives, read helpful podcasting related content to help build your show, and view even more tutorials about podcasting.

Thanks for watching!

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